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Interaction between a semiconductor circuit and its package can significantly affect product performance. Critical characteristics of the package include the ability to dissipate heat, and to withstand vibration, shock, high temperature, high humidity, and other environmental conditions. Our packaging portfolio continues to evolve to meet the demands for more highly integrated products with smaller footprints, thinner profiles, and more input/output pins per package.

General Package Information

Package Application Notes (PDF)

Package Style Package Designator
DFN, QFN Micro Leadless Chip Carrier EC, EE, EH, EJ, EK, EL, ES, ET, EU, EV, EW, and EX
DIP Plastic Dual In-Line A, B, and M
PLCC/PQCC Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier EA, EB, ED, EP and EQ
LQFP Plastic Low-Profile Quad Flatpack JP
TQFP Plastic Thin Profile Quad Flatpack JS and JU
SIP Plastic Single In-Line K, KA, KB, KN, KT, U, UA, and UB
SOIC Plastic Small Outline Package L, LA, LB, LC, LJ and LW
MSOP, QSOP and SOT Plastic Small Outline Packages LF, LH, LQ, LT, LY and LZ
TSSOP Plastic Thin Shrink Small Outline Package  LD, LE, LG and LP
PMCM™ Power Multi-Chip Modules W, WH, WV, Z
Plastic Biased CA, CB, SA, SB, SE, SG, SH and SJ

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