50 to 200 A Integrated Current Sensor ICs

current sensor 200a, current transducer, ac current sensor icThe Allegro CA and CB package current sensor ICs are fully integrated current sensor solutions. They contain the primary conductor, concentrating ferromagnetic core and the analog output Hall-effect linear in a single IC package. The conductor resistance is a typical of 100 µΩ for ultra low power loss when sensing current up to 200 A. These sensors are automotive grade devices that can take the heat and deliver highly accurate open loop current sensing in the most harsh applications environments.

The Allegro medium current devices are much smaller than bulky current transformers and have the added advantage of sensing both AC and DC currents. The package design also provides galvanic isolation to 3000 VRMS and can be used in many line side applications.



Current Sensor IC 50 to 200 A Selection Guide

Type Part Number Measurement Range (A) Isolation Voltage (VRMS) Bandwidth (kHz) VCC (V) Temp. Ranges Packages
Bidirectional ACS756 ±50 to 100 3000 120 5 S, K CB
Uni/Bidirectional ACS758 ±50 to 200 4800 120 5 E, S, K, L CB
Bidirectional ACS759 ±50 to 200 4800 120 3.3 E, S, K, L CB
Uni/Bidirectional ACS770* ±50 to 200 4800 120 5 E, K, L CB

Temperature range codes: S = -20°C to 85°C, E = -40°C to 85°C, K = -40°C to 125°C, L = -40°C to 150°C

* Improved accuracy over temperature achieved with proprietary advanced digital gain and offset compensation.



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