A3422: Hall-Effect, Direction Detection Sensor IC

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Deadline for receipt of LAST TIME BUY orders: November 4, 2009. For existing customer transition, and for new customers or new applications, refer to the A1233.

The A3422xKA Hall-effect, direction-detection sensor IC is a new generation of special function integrated devices that are capable of sensing the direction of rotation of a ring magnet. These transducers provide separate digital outputs that provide information on magnet rotation speed, direction, and magnet pole count. This device eliminates the major manufacturing hurdles encountered in fine-pitch direction-detection applications, namely maintaining accurate mechanical location between the two active Hall elements. Here, the two Hall elements are photolithographically aligned to better than 1 µm, as contrasted with 100 µm or worse mechanical location tolerance when manufactured discretely. These highly sensitive, temperature-stable, magnetic transducers are ideal for use in digital-encoder systems in the harsh environments of automotive or industrial applications. The A3422xKA is a high-sensitivity device optimized for use with high-density magnets.

The A3422xKA monolithic integrated circuit contains two independent Hall-effect latches whose digital outputs are internally coupled to CMOS logic circuitry that decodes signal speed and direction. Extremely low-drift BiCMOS circuitry is used for the amplifiers to ensure symmetry between the two latches so that signal quadrature can be maintained. An on-chip voltage regulator allows the use of these devices from a 4.5 to 18 V supply. This device has standard open-collector outputs.


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  • Internal Direction-Decoding Circuitry
  • Two Matched Hall Latches On A Single Substrate
  • Superior Temperature Stability
  • 4.5 V to 18 V Operation
  • Electrically Defined Power-On State
  • Under-Voltage Lockout
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