ALS31300: 3-D Linear Hall-Effect Sensor with I²C Output and Advanced Low Power Management

The ALS31300 three-axis linear Hall-effect sensor IC provides 12-bit digital output words that are proportional to the strength of the field present in each of the X, Y, and Z axes. The quiescent output value (zero magnetic field applied) is at mid-scale. The ALS31300 is available pre-configured for use in joystick mode that includes crouch capability or single-ended X, Y, and Z mode. Single-ended configured devices are suitable for 3D linear sensing or 2D angle sensing applications and are available with three different factory-programmed sensitivity operating ranges: ±500 G, ±1000 G, and ±2000 G. The sensitivity temperature coefficient is pre-programmed to support the drift profile of neodymium magnets.

The ALS31300 incorporates I2C interface for easy integration into a wide variety of applications. The I2C address can be set either by external resistors (16 unique addresses) or programmed into EEPROM via I2C (127 unique addresses), allowing for multiple devices on the same bus. The ALS31300 also includes 78 bits of user EEPROM.

The ALS31300 enables robust joystick design, replacing potentiometer based joystick modules. Magnetic joysticks can be low-profile, and enable low system power for battery-powered applications, and support joystick wake-on motion. With the addition of a back-bias magnet the ALS31300 enables magnetic return to zero, or removable joysticks.

Power management of the ALS31300 is highly configurable, allowing for system-level optimization of supply current and performance. Sleep mode consumes just 14 nA (typical), making the ALS31300 well suited for portable, battery-operated applications.
The ALS31300 is supplied in a 3 mm × 3 mm × 0.8 mm, 10-contact DFN package (“EJ”). This small footprint package is lead (Pb) free, with 100 % matte-tin lead-frame plating.


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  • X- and Y-axis sensing of joystick position
  • Z-axis sensing of “crouch” or push button motion
  • Capable of operating with back-bias magnets for joystick return-to-zero
  • Ideal for battery-powered, low-voltage applications
    • 2.65 to 3.5 V single supply operation
    • 1 MHz I2C compatibility down to 1.8 V
    • 14 nA (typ) Sleep ICC
    •  12 μA to 2 mA ICC (typ) in low-power duty cycle mode
  • Industry standard I2C interface for easy system integration
    • Up to 1 MHz (Fast Mode+) I2C communication
    • 16 selectable addresses via external resistor divider
    • 127 available address configurable via EEPROM
  • On-chip EEPROM
    • Stores factory- and user-configured settings
    • 78 bits of user EEPROM for additional storage
    • On-chip charge pump for easy programming
  • Flexible 12-bit ADC with 10-bit ENOB (Effective Number of Bits)
  • Single-Ended Mode (X, Y, and Z axes): enables one to three axes
  • Differential Mode (X and Y axes): enables slide-by linear sensing
  • Common Mode (X and Y axes): enables joystick operation
  • 1% (typ) accurate factory-trimmed sensitivity options (±500 G, ±1000 G, and ±2000 G full-scale input)
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Wide ambient temperature range: –40°C to 85°C
  • 10-contact 3 mm × 3 mm × 0.8 mm DFN package for implementation in low-profile, high-density PCB designs and space-constrained applications
ALS31300 Packages

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部品番号の仕様およびライフサイクル ステータス

Part Number Package Type Temperature RoHS
部品構成 /
RoHS データ
Comments Samples 代理店の
ALS31300EEJASR-1000 10-lead DFN -40°C to 85°C Y データを見る 最新情報
ALS31300EEJASR-2000 10-lead DFN -40°C to 85°C Y データを見る 最新情報
ALS31300EEJASR-500 10-lead DFN -40°C to 85°C Y データを見る 最新情報
ALS31300EEJASR-JOY 10-lead DFN -40°C to 85°C Y データを見る 最新情報
ASEK31300EEJA-1000 DEMO BOARD -40°C to 85°C N -- 最新情報
ASEK31300EEJA-2000 DEMO BOARD -40°C to 85°C N -- 最新情報
ASEK31300EEJA-500 DEMO BOARD -40°C to 85°C N -- 最新情報
ASEK31300EEJA-JOY DEMO BOARD -40°C to 85°C N -- 最新情報

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