Sanken ICs

Semiconductor power devices are Sanken Group’s core business. Sanken power ICs are widely used for their high reliability and energy efficiency. Their applications range from audio-visual equipment, flat panel TVs, home appliances, office automation equipment, lighting, automotive electronics, and more. 

Sanken’s Inverter Power Modules (IPM) drive energy efficient motors and compressors. They are increasingly in demand for household appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washers, and central heaters. Sanken’s IPMs use its advanced multi-chip integration technologies that insure safety and energy efficient use of home appliances.   

Sanken’s various Power ICs are widely used in automotive electronics applications, controlling and driving motors, transmissions, lights, high power switches, and many comfort and safety devices.

Sanken’s advanced power BCD process technologies combine high-current analog and digital devices on the same chip, and Sanken’s multi-chip process combines them into a high-reliability IC modules.  


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