SI-3011ZD: High-Current, Low-Dropout, 1.1~5 V Regulator

Designed to meet the high-current requirements in industrial and consumer applications; embedded core, memory, or logic supplies; TVs, VCRs, and office equipment, the SI-3011ZD voltage regulator offers the reduced dropout voltage and low quiescent current essential for improved efficiency. This device delivers a regulated output at up to 3 A. Integrated thermal and overcurrent protection enhance overall system reliability. Devices with fixed output voltages of 2.5 or 3.3 V are also available.

Quiescent current does not increase significantly as the dropout voltage is approached, an ideal feature in standby/resume power systems where data integrity is crucial. Regulator accuracy and excellent temperature characteristics are provided by a bandgap reference. An LS-TTL/CMOS-compatible input gives the designer complete control over power up, standby, or power down. A pnp pass element provides a dropout voltage of less than 600 mV at 3 A of load current. Low output voltages eliminate the need for expensive PWM buck converters. The low dropout voltage permits more efficient regulation before output regulation is lost.

This device is supplied in a 5-lead surface-mount plastic package (TO-263) with ground tab to provide a low-resistance path for maximum heat dissipation. A similar device in a flange-mounted (TO-220-style) high-power package is the SI-3011ZF.

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  • 3 A Output Current
  • Adjustable 1.1 ~ 5 V Output Voltage
  • 0.6 V Maximum Dropout Voltage at IO = 3 A
  • Fast Transient Response
  • 1 µA Maximum Standby Current
  • Remote Voltage Sensing
  • Foldback Current Limiting
  • Ground Tab for Superior Heat Dissipation
  • Thermal Protection

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Functional Block Diagram Package and Pinout Diagram

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SI-3011ZD 5-lead TO-263 -40°C to 125°C Y データを見る 最新情報

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