Recent Weather Conditions in the Philippines has Minimal Impact on Allegro's Facility

There have been several reports of localized flooding in the Metro Manila area due to torrential rains in the region during the past three days. Rainfall during that period has been reported as high as twenty-three inches in some areas.  Allegro’s Philippine plant (AMPI), which is located in Paranaque City, did not sustain any damage from this natural event.  AMPI is located approximately ten miles from the center of Manila and is in an area where its elevation has prevented flooding.  Its location is a safe distance from rivers that have breached their banks. 

However, to comply with the Philippine government’s order to suspend operations, work was stopped for an eighteen hour period beginning on Tuesday, August 7th at 12 pm local time.  Work suspensions also occurred with AMPI’s local subcontractors.  Production resumed at 6 am Wednesday, August 8th.  Attendance is currently at 70% of full staffing because several of our employees are unable to move safely into and out of flooded areas, but all operations are functioning.  We expect to achieve full staffing levels by Friday, August 10th.  Although some of our employees have suffered personal property loss, all are safe.

Power to the plant has not been disrupted.  Our facility is dry and there has not been any loss of product or equipment due to this event.  Manila’s International Airport has remained open and flights into and out of the airport are generally on schedule.  Product shipments and raw material deliveries have not been impacted with the exception of the eighteen hour period when the plant was not operational.