Power Integrated Circuits Overview

Allegro Power Integrated Circuits

Motor Driver and Interface ICs 

We offer an extensive lineup of motor driver and power interface ICs. This portfolio of products is targeted at the automotive, industrial, consumer and computer markets. Our product line includes a wide offering of stepper, brush DC, and brushless DC motor driver ICs which are targeted at applications such as ink-jet, laser and dot matrix printers, linear tape drives and scanners. The Allegro product line also includes ICs targeted at the low-voltage and battery-operated applications in laptops and PCs, such as cooling fans, auto-focus, and zoom and shutter control for cell phone cameras. We also offer custom power ASICs which combine the function of motor drive and control along with switching and linear regulators. Such ASICs are targeted at applications with needs for single-function and multifunction printers digital video projectors, single-function and multifunction printers and projection televisions.

At Allegro we also have a significant focus in developing power ICs which are specifically targeted at the extreme demands of the automotive market. These ICs operate in extreme temperature and voltage conditions and achieve high quality and reliability. Our portfolio of high power gate drivers for motor control is well suited to support the emerging automotive trend of replacing hydraulic systems with electronically controlled systems in applications such as electric power steering, engine cooling, and wiper motors. Integrated power driver solutions allow control of low power DC motors and relays.

Allegro Power Interfaces ICs perform the function of converting low voltage digital input signals into higher voltage analog power output signals. Some examples of these products are multi-channel LED drivers that control the lighting in large industrial signs which also support the trend towards increased resolutions in the future. Our extensive smoke detector IC portfolio supports various configurations of ionization and photoelectric-based smoke detectors that process low-level electrical signals and provide integrated power functions to drive alarms and horns.
Brushless DC Drivers |Brush DC Motor Drivers | Bipolar Stepper Motor Drivers
High and Low Side Drivers | Photo and Ion Smoke Detector ICs


Regulators and Lighting 

Our range of power management IC products enhance how power is used by an electronic or electrical system. Our process technology and applications expertise enable greater functionality, features, protection, and integration in a small footprint solution. We offer a variety of voltage regulators including value-added general-purpose or applications-specific converters, as well as multiple output regulators enabling further system size and cost optimization.

Our display backlighting products are used to drive LEDs for backlighting liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for applications including Navigation Systems, Infotainment, and Heads Up Displays (HUD). In addition to general purpose LED Lighting, we offer many devices targeting Automotive Exterior and Interior Lighting. Our products minimize total solution area and height through higher levels of integration, and reduce the size and cost of external board components.

Both the Regulator and Lighting IC Portfolios offer a significant segment of Automotive-Grade devices, designed and qualified specifically for the application requirements and quality aspects of this market, including Safety-Critical applications (see A2SILTM).
Single Output Regulators | Multiple Output Regulators | Low Noise Block Regulators for Satellite Set-Top Boxes
LED Drivers for Backlighting | LED Drivers for Lighting