Magnetic Sensor Integrated Circuits Overview

Allegro Magnetic Sensor Integrated Circuits

As a global leader in high-performance semiconductor design and manufacture, we offer a wide range of magnetic integrated sensor ICs based on Hall-effect technology that allow our customers to develop contactless sensor IC solutions that reduce mechanical wear and provide greater measurement accuracy.

Magnetic Linear and Angular Position Sensor ICs

Our magnetic linear and angular position sensor ICs are mixed-signal ICs that provide output signals proportional to the overall strength of a magnetic field created by a permanent magnet or a current carrying conductor. Linear sensor ICs are used for angle measurement for rotary encoders in the automotive market and distance measurement for cell phone camera lens position in the consumer market.
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Magnetic Digital Position Sensor ICs

Our magnetic digital position sensor ICs are mixed-signal ICs that provide a digital voltage output that measures the presence of a magnetic field against a determined threshold level, thereby establishing a precise position in applications such as cell phone open-close detection and gaming devices. In automotive applications, our position sensor ICs are often used to replace mechanical switches in such applications as seat belt detection, wiper motors, one-touch power window systems, and transmission shift selectors. The combination of sensor ICs and power driver ICs provides solutions for emerging applications such as vibration motor drivers, notebook cooling fans, and auto-focus sensors.
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Current Sensor ICs

Our current sensor ICs, one of our emerging product areas, are used to measure AC and DC current levels and enable improved energy efficiency within such applications as household appliances (such as refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines), power supply protection devices (such as servers and uninterruptible power supplies and motor control in electric power steering applications). We offer proprietary solutions in custom packaging to service this application.
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Magnetic Speed Sensor ICs

Our magnetic speed sensor ICs are mixed-signal ICs that detect and process the magnetic fields created by a rotating gear-tooth or ring magnet with the output being a digital reading proportional to speed. Our speed sensor portfolio includes gear speed and ring magnet speed sensor ICs used in anti-lock braking, camshaft sensors, crankshaft sensors, and transmission systems sensors. In addition to product innovation in each of these areas, we offer proprietary packaging that integrates the magnet and the integrated circuit. This integration increases our content in automotive applications while satisfying customers’ desire to simplify the supply chain and reduce assembly cost.
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