Magnetic Digital Position Sensor ICs

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Hall-effect digital position sensor ICs detect changes in magnetic flux density, allowing them to distinguish movement and position. These contactless sensing solutions require few external components and can withstand the hostile operating conditions of automotive applications. Allegro has the industry’s broadest portfolio of magnetic digital position sensors with switching and latching solutions to cover just about any application need.

Specific advantages of Allegro’s solutions include:

  • 4× chopper stabilization for superior temperature stability and resistance to physical stress
  • Low-voltage (3 V) operation
  • Key performance characteristics specified over the full operating voltage and ambient temperature ranges
  • Industry-leading jitter performance
  • Automotive-grade ruggedness (most products are qualified to AEC Q100) 

The majority of Allegro’s digital position sensing volume ships into demanding automotive applications, and has a proven quality record and dedication to continuous improvement.

Magnetic Sensor IC Overview
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