Allegro Wins China Electronics Market (CEM) Editor’s Choice Award For A1162 Hall-Effect Sensor

A1162 Hall-effect sensor with advanced diagnostics judged to be the most competent sensor IC product in the China market

June 12, 2017


Allegro MicroSystems, LLC has been selected as a winner in the prestigious China Electronics Market (CEM) Editor’s Choice Awards 2016 for the A1162 Hall-effect sensor IC, designed with an externally enabled diagnostic function and user-programmable switch points.

Allegro’s A1162 is a unipolar Hall-effect switch that either eliminates the need for redundant sensors in safety-critical applications or increases robustness in safety-critical applications that might otherwise require redundant sensors – in, for example, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

The switch has on-chip electromagnetic coils that are used to implement self-test of the sensor’s entire magnetic and electrical signal chain. When the diagnostic feature is enabled, the output of the A1162 provides a specific square wave output, confirming the device is properly sensing the internally generated magnetic field.

In particular, the A1162 targets functional safety applications, such as those designed to meet the requirements of ISO 26262. These key automotive applications include shift selectors (PRNDL), seat-belt buckles and brake sensors.

The significance of the A1162 win is underlined by the world-leading status of China's automotive sector. China is now the world's largest producer and consumer of automotive vehicles, and according to the China Association of Automobile Manufactures (CAAM), in 2016 China manufactured 28.13 million vehicles, for a growth rate of 14.5%.

In terms of selection criteria, the 2016 Editor’s Choice Awards considered brand influence, market share, technological innovation and product service. The brand had to be well known and generate feedback and wide interest within the industry. The award-winning product had to have at least one innovative feature, while the vendor had to provide convenient pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.

Several dozen products, from a sizable number of competing companies, registered for the 2016 CEM Editor’s Choice Awards. After the evaluation by the award committee, which comprised both CEM editors and industry experts, 15 products from 11 companies were declared award winners. Allegro’s A1162 won in the Most Competent Sensor Product category.

“At Allegro, we are both honored and extremely pleased to win this CEM award," commented Jim Judkins, Product Line Director, at Allegro MicroSystems, LLC. "This award confirms our established presence in the China market and our determination to provide our China customers with the very best electronics they require for China's dynamic, fast-growth automotive sector. Automotive demands quality above all. Safety and reliability are absolutely critical, and we are proud to contribute to that effort in China."

The A1162 is part of a growing portfolio of products for functional safety (ISO 26262-compliant /ASIL rated) applications developed as part of the company’s A2-SILTM initiative. For more information on the A11162 and other A2-SILTM products, click here.

About China Electronic Market (CEM)
Founded in 1995, China Electronic Market (CEM) was one of the first publications to focus on electronics and semiconductors in China. The monthly magazine provides coverage of new products, technical and market trends, and market data. It is supervised by China Electronics Corporation (CEC) and managed by China Electronic Appliance Corporation (CEAC).

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