Body and Convenience

Body & Convenience
Allegro offers a wide range of automotive Power and Sensor IC solutions for safety, convenience and lighting. For more than 25 years, Allegro has been a leading supplier of high-performance power ICs and Hall-effect sensor ICs, servicing the demanding requirements found in the automotive industry.

Allegro’s motor control and DC/DC products are defined through a rigorous process that involves working closely with our partners/customers in the industry. This process ensures that our ICs are designed to the specific needs of the application, which results in cost-effective and technically advanced solutions. Allegro also offers a variety of Hall-effect sensor ICs. These sensor ICs are designed to provide high accuracy and reliability as required to service motor commutation and safety systems applications. The wide variety of sensor options serves most automotive applications inside the vehicle or under the hood.


Allegro Closure SystemsClosure Systems
Our power IC and Hall sensing technologies offer a perfect fit for closure system design
requirements such as sun roof closure, door close assist, power lift gates, and power
sliding doors.
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Allegro Automotive Lighting SolutionsLighting
We offer a broad portfolio of devices which provide robust and highly integrated solutions for both interior and exterior automotive lighting applications.
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Allegro Wiper System solutionsWiper Systems
We offers a portfolio of automotive grade motor driver ICs, power management ICs and Hall-effect sensor ICs which enable designers of modern wiper systems the freedom to advance their designs to the next level.
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Allegro Hvac SolutionsHVAC Systems
Our motor control solutions for HVAC systems meet the fuel economy, comfort, and performance demands of automotive manufactures by offering innovative bipolar stepper motor driver ICs for flap control as well MOSFET gate drivers for higher power HVAC blowers.
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Allegro  Infotainment SolutionsInfotainment
Our solutions are extremely robust, handling wide ambient temperature ranges, using thermally efficient
automotive-qualified packaging, and applying focused attention to fault mode analysis.
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Allegro  Heads Up Display SolutionsHeads Up Display (HUD)
Our broad portfolio of sensor IC and power management devices provides major subsystem solutions for Automotive Heads Up Display (HUD) including motor driver ICs, LED Drivers, Regulators, Angle, and Position Sensor ICs designed to create the ideal Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) experience.
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