Hybrid EV Solutions

Allegro Hybrid Diagram, inverter systems 

Allegro is your partner for fueling high efficiency through advanced current sensor ICs in HEV and stop/start vehicle applications. Innovative, small form factor integrated current sensor ICs can be employed in any HEV subsystems including DC-DC converters, HVAC fans and heaters, as well as fluid pumps and Electronic Power Steering (EPS) applications. Allegro has also developed a line of current sensor linear ICs that are ideal for use in the main inverter.

Battery Cooling Fans
Allegro solutions including BLDC MOSFET pre-driver ICs for brushless motors, Full-bridge MOSFET pre-driver ICs for brush motors, and power management ICs for powertrain electronic control modules are all designed and qualified for the demanding environments that exist under the hood.
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Inverter Systems
Allegro factory programmed linear Hall-effect current sensor ICs have been designed to meet the high bandwidth and high accuracy requirements of HEV inverter applications.
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HVAC Systems and Pumps
Allegro’s family of fully-integrated current sensing ICs are ideally suited for HEV subsystem applications (HVAC as well as oil and transmission fluid pumps) which require current sensing to ensure efficient and accurate control of the electric motors in order to maintain system operation when the internal combustion engine (ICE) is not in use.
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