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Various trends in mobile device connectivity and cloud based computing create a growing demand for servers and network infrastructure.  As a result of societal demand for constant access to data, servers are powered on 24 hours a day for multiple years.  Data center managers typically value 1 Watt of energy savings with an approximate value of $0.40 to $0.60 in electricity cost savings over the lifetime of the server.  Therefore, server designers demand every milliwatt of possible energy savings while at the same time demanding a high level of reliability from server component suppliers.

Allegro offers single chip, small form factor power and current measurement sensor ICs with low resistance current conductors (< 1 mW) for reduced ohmic losses.  These current sensor ICs enable very fast over current detection (no-smoke) and 240 W over power protection for maximum server safety and reliability.  Allegro’s ICs also offer hot swap control feature that are required in almost all server systems.

Within the servers, cooling fan designs must also meet stringent efficiency and audible noise standards. Allegro’s fan motor driver ICs meet these standards through unique features such as sensorless and sinusoidal commutation, soft switching, phase advance, soft start and flexible closed loop speed control. Motor drivers are offered with either integrated DMOS power outputs or with MOSFET gate drivers for higher power applications.

Allegro also offers high efficiency, non-isolated DC/DC regulators for the multiple bias supplies needed at point of load conversion (POL). Several of these devices have been specifically designed for the Server, Storage, and Networking markets - with conversion ratios, device performance, fault detection/protection, and system FMEA robustness aspects that are key to these applications.

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