Renewable Energy

solar inverter, solar inverters

Renewable energy is making up more and more of the ever increasing energy consumption in this world. Solar and wind power are among the most rapidly developing sectors in today’s renewable energy market.

Allegro’s integrated Hall current sensor IC portfolio provides the world’s most compact current sensing solutions with embedded high voltage isolation for inverters, power conversion and management in photovoltaic and other renewable power applications.

Allegro current sensor ICs are suitable for DC and AC current sensing in almost every application in a power conversion system which requires high level electric isolation.

CS1: DC current sensing at the DC input of an inverter. The requirement includes high isolation voltage and high accuracy for relatively low current measurement. The suitable Allegro current sensors include ACS758, ACS756, and ACS710.

CS2: AC current sensing at the output side of the inverter. The suitable Allegro current sensors include ACS758, ACS756, ACS710, and ACS712.

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