Hall-Effect Latches and Bipolar Switches

Hall-effect latches and bipolar switches are most commonly used in sensing multipole ring magnets for speed sensing, motor commutation, or position encoding, because these require a south pole of sufficient strength to turn the output on and a north pole of sufficient strength to turn the output off. These contactless sensing solutions require few external components and can withstand the hostile operating conditions of automotive applications.

Specific advantages of Allegro’s solutions include:

  • 4× chopper stabilization for superior temperature stability and resistance to physical stress
  • ISO26262 Compliance for automotive safety systems
  • Symmetrical switchpoints for true latch behavior
  • Industry-leading jitter performance that is 2× better than competitor devices
  • Low-voltage (3 V) operation
  • Key performance characteristics specified over the full operating voltage and ambient temperature ranges

Allegro is a market leader in the area of Hall latches, and has a broad range of devices that cover any desired magnetic switchpoints for just about any application requirement.

Solutions using Hall-effect switches, magnetic latches, and magnetic switch sensor ICs



Certain special-purpose latches are designed to survive very harsh transients without external components.  See EMC-Robust Chopper-Stabilized Latches.  Continuous-time devices are also available for those specific applications that call for them.  See Continuous-Time Latches

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