Magnetically Actuated Lighting Solutions

Magnetically Actuated Lighting

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC offers a wide variety of lighting solutions. By combining industry-leading Hall-effect sensor technology with proven LED driver technology, Allegro offers LED lighting solutions for automotive, industrial, commercial, and consumer applications.

These products complement Allegro’s portfolio of general-purpose LED drivers and includes fully integrated lighting solutions as well as a collection of magnetic digital position sensor ICs that enable system integrators and designers to create custom lighting solutions to meet virtually any requirement.

Allegro’s LED lighting solutions are simple to design and implement with minimal external circuitry while having the capability to address complex lighting needs.

Key features of our magnetically actuated lighting solutions include:

  • Flexibility: Highly sensitive, omnipolar magnetic switches support flexibility in system design and manufacturing and accommodate large air gaps and mechanical misalignment.
  • Elegance: These simple solutions solve complex lighting challenges in minimal space and with minimal design effort, component-count, and cost; LED drivers with adjustable on/off ramp rates (“theater effect”) provide a high-end feel.
  • Reliability: Hall-effect switches are contactless, can be totally sealed, and do not wear out like mechanical switches; these solid-state solutions are stable over temperature and supply voltage.
  • Ruggedness:  Allegro specializes in automotive-grade (AEC-Q100) solutions for harsh environments with features like reverse-battery protection, short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown, and wide operating temperature and voltage ranges.

Magnetically Actuated LED Drivers


Allegro offers a wide selection of LED drivers in our LED Drivers for Lighting portfolio.

See All Our Magnetic Digital Position Sensor ICs Here.


Digital Position Sensors for Magnetically Actuated Lighting


This is a selection of products from our portfolio of Magnetic Digital Position Sensor ICs.

See All Our Magnetic Digital Position Sensor ICs Here.

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