Special Purpose Devices

Magnetic Digital Position Sensor Montage (hall effect sensor, hall sensor, hall effect current sensor)

This section includes products developed for very specific application needs.  Please consult with your local Allegro Field Applications Engineer to confirm if one of these products is the best choice for your design.

Continuous-time devices have generally been superseded by chopper-stabilized implementations.  However, there are a few specialized applications where continuous-time switches or latches might be appropriate:

  • Applications where the sensor is power-managed by switching its power supply on and off, as continuous-time devices have faster wake-up times
  • High-speed applications that demand the absolute lowest jitter or best repeatability, as there is no jitter produced by the action of the multiphase chopping

Allegro is a market leader in the area of Hall latches, and has a broad range of part sensitivities for latches that cover any desired magnetic switch points for just about any application requirement.


Certain latch products (A1225, A1227, A1229) are designed to survive very harsh automotive transient conditions, including double battery and 40 V load dump, without a limiting series resistor, eliminating the need for external components and preventing damage from transients. In general, our mainstream latch products are recommended for all new designs, but these products may be appropriate in cases of extremely harsh environments and/or where external components are not permissible.




The following Hall-effect latches and bipolar switches have been discontinued: A3230

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