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Allegro is a market leader for rotational speed and direction detection Hall-effect sensor integrated circuits. Leveraging applications expertise, decades of mixed-signal Hall-effect IC design, and a broad portfolio of patents, Allegro offers solutions tailored to four key automotive applications: camshaft, crankshaft, transmission, and wheel speed (ABS).

Solutions are available in two- or three-wire output interfaces, with or without direction detection, and with or without an integrated back-biasing magnet (needed for applications using a ferrous metal target).

Experience working directly with global OEMs and Allegro’s local support network distributed around the world combine to provide deep technical support for sensor selection and application analysis on our high performance sensing solutions.  Unique algorithms have been developed and patented to address application-specific anomalies and are utilized as necessary in our broad selection of Speed and Direction sensor ICs to ensure industry-leading accuracy and robust application performance.

Allegro strives to continuously improve quality performance to stay ahead of the ever-increasing demands of the automotive market.

For non-automotive applications, Allegro has a number of sensor ICs with general purpose speed or speed and direction detection capabilities.  These ICs are ideally suited for easy integration into sensing systems and Allegro’s global technical support and Sales are eager to help to ensure a fast and problem-free development.

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Differential Speed Sensor
System Solutions

Seth Prentice, Strategic Marketing Manager for Allegro MicroSystems Speed Sensor IC group, discusses IC solutions for designing speed sensing applications including automotive transmissions, washing machine drum speeds, and fork lift positioning requiring reliable consistent output signals. Watch Video

Magnetic Sensor IC Overview
Please click here for an overview of our Magnetic Sensor IC Portfolio.
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