Camshaft Sensor ICs

camshaft position sensor, camshaft sensor, cam sensorAllegro’s portfolio of camshaft sensor ICs is well suited to meet the applications needs for True Power-On State (TPOS) and non-TPOS engine controller requirements. Both options are available in a back-biased Gear-Tooth Sensor (GTS) package from Allegro for the highest performance and easiest implementation. Programmability of the ICs allow for modification of performance to match the specific target and application requirements of the end customer.

Allegro’s TPOS sensor IC uses a single sensing Hall element and allows for twist-independent installation. The non-TPOS sensor IC uses a differential pair of Hall elements to improve performance with small-feature camshaft targets and larger air gaps.

Camshaft Position Sensor ICs Selection Guide



The following devices are discontinued: ATS635LSEATS636LSE

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