Crankshaft Sensor ICs

Crankshaft, crankshaft position sensor, crank sensor, crankshaft sensorAllegro’s portfolio of crankshaft sensor ICs is well suited to meet the applications needs for speed-only and direction detection requirements. Allegro was the first to market with Hall-effect crankshaft sensor ICs with direction detection (a required component for start-stop engine technologies), and leads the way in market performance for both speed-only and direction detection crankshaft sensor ICs.

Allegro sensor ICs are available in the Gear-Tooth Sensor (GTS) package with integrated back-biasing magnet for ease of implementation and high performance with a ferrous metal target; as well as in SIP package offerings with and without integrated bypass capacitors, for use with encoded ring magnet targets.

Crankshaft Sensor ICs Selection Guide


Gear-Tooth Hall-Effect Speed Sensor ICs (Includes IC and Magnet)
Part Number Supply Voltage (V) Output Type Power-On State Specified Air Gap Range (>20 Hz) Key Spec Min. Speed Packages
ATS616 3.5 to 24 3-wire High (off) 0.4 to 2.5 mm Timing accuracy 10 Hz SG
ATS627 4 to 24 3-wire High (off) 0.5 to 3 mm Repeatability Zero speed SG
Temperature range code: L = -40°C to 150°C

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