General Purpose Speed Sensor ICs

Allegro’s diverse selection of speed sensor ICs provide optimized solutions for many non-automotive applications where speed or speed and direction information are needed. These sensor ICs can handle designs using various target geometries, materials, and sensing orientations. Allegro’s portfolio of speed sensor ICs contains solutions able to address requirements for applications needing both high and low frequency operation, detection of rotational direction, and small signals operation.

Allegro’s solutions offer over two decades of specific IC design advancements. These sensor ICs also incorporate lessons learned through our close work in automotive applications where many unique operational issues have been discovered and resolved through algorithm advancements. Allegro’s industry leading algorithms provide optimized performance for both two-wire, current source; and three-wire, open drain output protocols.

General Purpose Speed Sensor ICs Selection Guide


Also see A1425ATS667, A1688 and ATS601


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