Transmission Sensor ICs

Transmission Sensor, speed sensor trasnmissionAllegro’s diverse selection of speed sensors provide optimized solutions for standard and hybrid transmission applications. These sensors can handle any transmission design using various target geometries, materials, and sensing locations. Whether the need is for the vibration immunity and direction of rotation capability of a speed and direction sensor, or the capability of a standard speed sensor for a transmission input sensor or a high speed hybrid motor application, Allegro has the solution.

Allegro’s solutions offer over a decade of transmission specific IC designs based on the industry’s top professionals and vehicle manufacturers' expertise.  These sensor ICs also incorporate over a decade of lessons learned through the harsh, automotive scrutiny of dynamometer testing, in-vehicle testing, and production. Allegro’s industry leading algorithms will provide optimized vehicle performance in two-wire, current source or three-wire, open drain output protocols.

Transmission Sensor ICs Selection Guide



The following devices are discontinued: ATS657

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