Wheel Speed Sensor ICs

wheel sensor, abs wheel speed sensor

Wheel Speed Sensor IC Overview

Allegro offers a selection of wheel speed sensors optimized for today’s demanding ABS applications. Solutions are available for either ferrous targets or magnetic encoder rings, and for speed or speed-and-direction sensing capability. Allegro’s ABS wheel speed sensors provide optimized performance in the presence of harsh automotive conditions.  Advanced peak-detection algorithms provide robustness against vehicle dynamics, such as hard cornering, and micro-oscillations in static modes.

Allegro’s solutions offer over a decade of ABS specific sensor IC designs based on the industry’s top professionals and vehicle manufacturers' expertise. These ABS speed sensor ICs also incorporate over a decade of lessons learned through the harsh, automotive scrutiny of in-vehicle testing and production. Allegro’s wheel speed sensors are offered in two current range options each using a two-wire, current output protocol. Direction information is offered in a two-wire, pulse width output protocol.

Wheel Speed Sensor ICs Selection Guide



The following devices are discontinued: ATS645, ATS657

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