Brush DC Motor Drivers

Allegro ICs for half- and full-bridge drives (brush motor, dc motor driver, dc brushed motor, brush dc motor)Brush DC motors are the most widely used drivers due to their low cost and simple drive control options. Typical brush DC motors consist of a rotating electromagnet surrounded by a permanent magnet. Rotational torque is produced by the interaction of the magnetic fields and continuous rotation is produced by changing the polarity of the rotating coil with a mechanical commutator and brushes.

Typical brush DC motor drivers consist of a half bridge for single direction operation and an H-bridge configuration for bidirectional control.  PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control can be used to regulate motor speed, torque, or position.

Allegro offers a complete lineup of DC motor drivers for all markets, including office automation, automotive and industrial. Depending on the needs of a given application,  Allegro IC solutions can include features such as:

  • PWM control
  • Internal DMOS outputs or gate controllers to drive external MOSFETs
  • Forward, Reverse, Coast and Brake modes
  • Slow, Fast and Mixed PWM decay modes
  • Commercial grade and fully automotive qualified drivers
  • Synchronous rectification
  • Diagnostic outputs
  • Protection features: Under-voltage lockout, thermal shutdown, shoot through, overvoltage, over-current protection
  • Package options include exposed pad QFN, TSSOP, SOIC and DIP packages all lead (Pb) free

See below for our offerings of Brush DC Motor Drivers, DC Motor Controllers and Brush Motor ICs



Note: "K" suffix denotes automotive grade product (AEC-Q100 qualified).

The following devices have been discontinued: A3949

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