High Side Drivers and Low Side Drivers

Power ICs, high side driver, low side driver, relay driverMany electronic systems today include some type of mechanical actuator, whether it is a solenoid, relay, or motor.  Typically such a system has an intelligent controller which communicates its commands to the various system actuators through low voltage logic level communications. This communication can be done through simple parallel communications. Complex systems might use one of many serial communication protocols such as Serial Parallel Interface (SPI). 

Most actuators are not able to respond directly to low voltage signals.  Driver ICs are needed to take these low voltage control signals as inputs and convert the digital commands into an analog voltage to drive the actuator.

Allegro specializes in the power interface role in which these driver ICs perform. These ICs are rated up to voltages of 60 V and may include automotive capable temperature ranges and diagnostic capabilities.

Please see below for our offering of High Side Driver, Low Side Driver and Relay Driver IC Solutions Used for Solenoid, Relay, and Motor Actuators:


Note: "K" suffix denotes automotive grade product (AEC-Q100 qualified)

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