Photo and Ion Smoke Detector ICs

Smoke Detector, smoke sensor, driver detector, piezo driver icOne of the most abundant consumer electronic devices that can be found in today’s home is the common ceiling mounted smoke detector. These devices are an extremely important home safety product and require electronic components which are efficient (to prolong battery life) and are highly reliable. It is common that within a smoke detector there is only a single integrated circuit which is responsible for monitoring a photo-electric or ionization chamber. This IC is also tasked to take the necessary actions to sound an alarm and for testing and reporting on such things as battery life, and proper serial unit interconnectivity.

Allegro MicroSystems is a leading supplier of smoke detector ICs for both photo-electric and ionization technologies. In addition, Allegro works in close partnership with many of today’s leading smoke detector suppliers and provides customized IC solutions to meet the needs of their specific products.

Common features include:

  • Maximum supply current of 9 µA at 9 V supply
  • Piezo horn driver
  • Interconnect feature: alarm condition on one interconnected device
    causes alarm indication on all other interconnected devices
  • Low battery alert signal
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