LED Drivers for Lighting

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC offers a growing portfolio of LED drivers used for architectural lighting, signage, and automotive lighting applications. Allegro’s process technology and applications expertise has enabled the development of highly integrated LED driver ICs with on-chip FETs and diverse control options, providing flexibility and functionality in a small solution footprint. Allegro’s LED driver portfolio covers a wide variety of topologies, channel counts, output currents and feature sets to help customers optimize their solutions.

Features within the portfolio of devices include:

  • Buck, Boost, and Linear topologies
  • Series and Parallel configurations
  • Single and multiple (up to 16) channel outputs
  • Output currents from 20 mA up to 3 A per channel
  • Multiple intensity control methods
  • Current-control for color calibration
  • Open LED and shorted LED detection
  • Thermal shutdown and undervoltage lockout
  • Automotive voltage and temperature ratings available
  • Multiple package options
  • Low quiescent current
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Allegro offers a selection of Hall-effect switches as part of our Magnetic Digital Position Sensors portfolio that can be used to create magnetically actuated lighting solutions.


The following LED drivers have been discontinued: A6210A6280, A6281A6282



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