Single Output Regulators

Allegro Single Output Regulator ICs, buck boost, step down regulator, low voltage regulator, voltage regulators, power board, switched mode power supply

Voltage conversion and regulation plays a key part in electronics design. In the past, the supply of power rails was more of an afterthought. But today’s designs are more focused on highly efficient power conversion and control, combined with optimization of costs, solution size, and robustness.

Allegro leverages its proprietary wafer process technologies to provide optimized DC/DC converters typically in the rating ranges of 20 V, 40 V, and 60 V, with integrated switches (rather than controllers or standalone LDOs).

Single output regulators are focused mainly on the buck conversion topology, although some devices are also available in boost or flyback configurations. Automotive and non-automotive devices are available with a variety of package types, most with exposed pad for excellent thermal dissipation. 

See below for our offering of buck regulators, buck/boost regulators, step down regulators, and low voltage regulators:



The following single-output regulators have been discontinued: A8483, A8670, A8698A8672


The following single-output regulators are last-time buy: A8499


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