It's right there in our vision: Allegro is moving technology—and the world—toward a safer and sustainable future. This includes developing more efficient power and sensing solutions, as well as developing products for green energy applications.


Electric vehicle charging on a wall charger in a garage

EV Chargers

The electrification of cars require high current delivery with very low power losses. Our Magnetic Sensing allows just that with high accuracy, fast reaction and small size.

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Close up of solar panels

Solar Energy

Our current sensors shine at high voltages. See how they're enabling the ever-growing supply of solar power.

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power supply

Power Supply

With high voltage isolation and fast response times, our current sensors enable efficient and safe measurement in your power supplies.

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Smart meter

Smart Meters

Our linear Hall-effect sensors and integrated current sensors provide a non-intrusive, reliable, high precision way to measure power in metering applications.

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Solar panels and wind turbines for renewable energy

Renewable Energy

Allegro offers solutions for inverters, power conversion and management in photovoltaic and other renewable power applications.

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