ASEK-02: Allegro Sensor Evaluation Kit (Discontinued)

The ASEK boards, together with the Web-based firmware application, provide a powerful and flexible system for evaluation and programming of Allegro Hall-effect sensor ICs. The kit includes a calibration board that provides a rapid and repeatable method for calibrating the ASEK Main Board.

The ASEK system is intended for use with field-programmable Hall effect devices offered for sale by Allegro. This includes the following types of devices:

  • 2, 3, or 4-wire switches or latches that are programmed using the supply pin
  • 3-wire linear sensor ICs that are programmed using the output pin

The firmware for the kit includes configuration data for specific Allegro devices that are supported at the time of release of the kit. From time to time, as additional devices become available, the firmware may be updated to adapt to those devices, and made available in updated versions of this kit. Contact your local Allegro field applications engineering office for details on supported devices.

ASEK-02-T-KIT Bill of Materials

  • 85-0329-101: Socket Board
  • 85-0329-102: VCC Programming Socket Board
  • 85-0329-100: Calibration Board
  • 85-0329-001: Main Board

The kit is intended for use as:

  • a benchtop engineering tool for evaluating individual Allegro sensor devices; it can be used to
    characterize and understand the performance of the various types of sensor devices
  • calibrating field-programmable Allegro devices in small volumes; the device is ideal for characterizing
    the effects of the various register value increments and for understanding and developing
    procedures for programming code streams for use on production systems

CAUTION: The ASEK system is intended for low-volume engineering applications. It is not intended to be used in volume production environments, other than for system development purposes.

Device specific software applications can be found on Allegro's Software Portal