A81408: PMIC with Six Outputs, SPI, and Watchdogs; Idle-Stop and EMC-Compliant


The A81408 is a power management IC that uses a buck or buck/ boost pre-regulator to efficiently convert automotive battery voltages into a tightly regulated intermediate voltage complete with control, diagnostics and protections.

The output of the pre-regulator supplies a:

  • 5 V / 100 mA protected linear regulator
  • 3.3 V/ 90 mA linear regulator
  • 5 V/ 200 mA linear regulator
  • 5 V/ 60 mA linear regulator
  • 5 V/ 60 mA linear regulator
  • Adjustable 600 mA synchronous buck regulator

Designed to supply CAN transceiver, sensor, and microprocessor power supplies in high-temperature environments, the A81408 is ideal for under-hood applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Electric Power Steering
  • Braking

Top Features

  • Integrated pre-regulator, 6-outputs, SPI, Watchdogs, AMUX, and Safety signal output - reduces component count, saves board space, helps meet Safety Goals
  • Pre-regulator is Allegro's proven and effective single inductor buck-boost for low Vbatt / Idle Stop operation
  • Simplifies passing CISPR25 Level 5 EMI 
  • Next-generation of successful A4412 device
38-Pin eTSSOP LV Package


38-Pin eTSSOP  (suffix LV)