Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. Recognized for Environmental Leadership

April 20, 2010

Worcester, MA – At a ceremony today, representatives of the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) Program and state legislators presented Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. with an award to acknowledge the company’s environmental leadership.

Allegro MicroSystems, an employer of 500 people in Worcester, Massachusetts, is one of 17 companies across the Commonwealth being recognized by the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) Program as a “TURA 20th Anniversary Leader.” The awards and facility tours are intended to showcase environmental accomplishments—use of safer materials, waste reductions and energy savings—since the Toxics Use Reduction Act was enacted in 1989.

“By continuously working since 1990 to identify and replace toxic chemical use, Allegro has achieved impressive results, both from an environmental and financial perspective,” said Scott Fortier, team leader and trainer at the State’s Office of Technical Assistance (OTA). “On the forefront of environmental innovation for many years, the company has continuously shared its extensive knowledge with other companies through TURA trainings and workshops, which has helped make Massachusetts safer for everyone.”

Allegro’s usage of targeted chemicals has been reduced by 61 percent annually. With its Toxic Use Reduction Program in place, the company has reduced byproduct generated for reported chemicals by 64 percent and has reduced emissions by 88 percent. “These achievements are even more significant when one considers that the very nature of Allegro’s business, a wafer fabrication operation, is very chemical intensive,” said Fortier.

“This is a special recognition for us because our Toxics Use Reduction team works hard to achieve these results,” said Don Alger, Senior Environmental Engineer of Allegro MicroSystems. “Our active Toxics Use Reduction and resource conservation program at our headquarters facility in Worcester has been a contributing factor of our competitiveness in the industry.”

The Toxics Use Reduction Act was expanded in 2006 to include water conservation, energy conservation and waste reduction — and Allegro has achieved significant improvements in these areas as well. As part of its ongoing resource conservation efforts, Allegro has reduced water use by 65 percent, or 94 million gallons a year between 1996 and 2009. During this same period it has reduced oil/natural gas consumption by 14 percent and electricity by 21 percent. Also during this period Allegro has reduced waste generation of items such as chemical containers, cardboard, scrap metal, and regular trash by 398 tons or 82 percent, with the reduction of 25 tons occurring in 2009 alone.

The Toxics Use Reduction Act does not ban chemical use but requires companies to evaluate toxic chemical use, submit usage reports and plans to the state that assess the financial implications of switching to safer alternatives or making changes in production. Since 1989, Massachusetts companies voluntarily reduced toxic chemical use by 41 percent, waste by 71 percent and on-site releases by 91 percent.

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Allegro Microsystems, LLC es una empresa líder en el desarrollo, fabricación y comercialización de semiconductores de alto rendimiento. Las soluciones innovadoras de Allegro son útiles para aplicaciones de alto crecimiento dentro del mercado de la automoción, con enfoque adicional en la automatización de oficinas, industrial y soluciones de comunicaciones/consumo. Allegro tiene su sede en Worcester, Massachusetts (EE.UU.) con centros de diseño, aplicaciones y de soporte de ventas ubicados en todo el mundo. Más información sobre Allegro se puede encontrar en

Allegro Microsystems Europa, con sede en Chertsey, Reino Unido, es la oficina operativa de ventas y comercialización europea, y opera una red de representantes y distribuidores en toda Europa. Allegro cuenta con centros técnicos y de marketing en Heidelberg y Hinterzarten en Alemania. Allegro también dispone de un centro de ingeniería de diseño en el centro de Edimburgo, en Escocia y un centro técnico y de marketing en Annecy en Francia.

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