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Allegro offers a wide range of highly reliable magnetic sensor and power integrated circuits (ICs) that meet the long product lifetime and diagnostic requirements of industrial market applications.

Our small form factor electrical current sensor ICs offer galvanically isolated, nearly lossless current measurement in motor control, power supply, robotics and lighting applications.  Highly accurate, contactless position sensor ICs are used in precision linear and rotary position control, motor control and commutation, and open or close detection applications.  Allegro’s broad family of motor and fan driver ICs results in the smooth, quiet and efficient operation of various types of motors in industrial automation and general motor control applications.

Applications include:

Magnetic Sensor IC Overview
Please click here for an overview of our Magnetic Sensor IC Portfolio.
Power IC Overview
Please click here for an overview of our Power IC Portfolio.
Please click here for an overview of our Sanken Portfolio.
General Information
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