Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. Announces a New Dual LNB Supply and Control Voltage Regulator

A Small, Low-height Component Profile Solution with Increased Reliability

March 6, 2012

Product Image

Worcester, MA – Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. announces a robust, dual –channel low-noise block (LNB) regulator with an adjustable current limit and improved diagnostics requiring minimal supply current. Intended for analog and digital satellite receivers, this dual low noise block converter regulator (LNBR) is a monolithic linear and switching voltage regulator, specifically designed to provide the power and the interface signals to an LNB down converter via coaxial cable.

Allegro’s A8299 requires few external components, with the boost switch and compensation circuitry integrated inside of the device. The features, functions, and high level of performance and robustness easily meet or exceed OEM requirements for the latest satellite set top box designs. Note this is similar to Allegro’s electrolytic capacitor-based A8297, but the A8299 adds the ability to use ceramic capacitors for an even smaller solution size.

The A8299SETTR-T is supplied in a small, low-profile 5 mm x 5 mm, 0.90 mm QFN-28 package (suffix ET).

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC は、高性能半導体の開発、製造、マーケティングにおけるリーダーです。Allegro の革新的なソリューションは、自動車などの急成長している分野で広く採用されているほか、オフィス オートメーション、工業、コンシューマー/通信市場でも注目されています。Allegro の本社は米国マサチューセッツ州ウースターにあり、設計、アプリケーション、営業サポートなどの拠点を世界中に展開しています。Allegro の詳細については、 をご覧ください。



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