A19570: Large Air Gap, Vibration-Immune, GMR Transmission Speed and Direction Sensor IC

The A19570 is a giant magnetoresistance (GMR) integrated circuit (IC) that is ideal for transmission applications. Using a two-wire interface, the A19570 brings the same high performance as its Hall effect counterparts—but at significantly larger air gaps and with flexible device orientations.

It addresses the latest transmission speed sensing applications requirements:

  • Greater air gap capabilities with GMR sensing elements
  • Perpendicular read to reduce footprint in space-constrained applications
  • Advanced algorithms for vibration, DAG, and SAG
  • Improved EMC performance with two capacitor values

The A19570 senses both speed and direction of ring magnets. It is offered in the UB package, which integrates the IC and a high-temperature ceramic capacitor in a single over-molded SIP package with enhanced EMC performance. The IC incorporates state-of-the-art GMR circuits and signal processing that switch in response to differential magnetic signals created by magnetic encoders. The circuitry includes a sophisticated digital controller that provides highly-accurate speed detection, rotational direction detection, and true zero speed operation, ideal for transmission applications.

The IC includes built-in EEPROM scratch memory, available for device traceability throughout sensor module production.

The 2-pin SIP package is lead (Pb) free, with tin lead frame plating.


A19570 was developed in accordance with ISO 26262:2011 as a hardware safety element out of context with ASIL B capability (pending assessment) for use in automotive safety-related systems when integrated and used in the manner prescribed in the applicable safety manual and datasheet.

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  • GMR technology integrates high sensitivity MR (magnetoresistive) sensor elements and high precision BiCMOS circuits on a single silicon integrated circuit offering high accuracy, low magnetic field operation 
  • Integrated capacitor in a single overmolded miniature package provides greater EMC robustness 
  • SolidSpeed Digital Architecture supports advanced algorithms, maintaining performance in the presence of extreme system-level disturbances, including vibration immunity capability over the full target pitch 
  • Flexible orientation for xMR or Hall replacement and application installation flexibility 
  • Two-wire current source output pulse-width protocol supporting speed and direction
  • EEPROM offers device traceability throughout the production process 
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部品番号の仕様およびライフサイクル ステータス

Part Number Package Type Temperature RoHS
部品構成 /
RoHS データ
Comments Samples 代理店の
A19570LUBBLU-FSWPH 2-lead SIP -40°C to 150°C Y データを見る 最新情報
A19570LUBBTN-FSWPH 2-lead SIP -40°C to 150°C Y データを見る 最新情報
A19570LUBLBU-FSWPH 2-lead SIP -40°C to 150°C Y データを見る 最新情報
A19570LUBLLU-FSWPH 2-lead SIP -40°C to 150°C Y データを見る 最新情報
A19570LUBLTN-FSWPH 2-lead SIP -40°C to 150°C Y データを見る 最新情報

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