Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors or electronically commutated motors (ECMs) provide significant improvements in efficiency, mechanical reliability, and offer superb torque-to-weight properties. All of which have become increasingly relevant in today’s environment where efficiency and minimizing power losses are essential objectives of designs in all markets.

Allegro MicroSystems plays a key role in enabling BLDC motor adoption by simplifying the complexities of electronic commutation and offers a range of products targeted at BLDC applications spanning the industrial, consumer, and automotive markets.

Allegro’s development of sinusoidal three phase BLDC fan drivers offer solutions with low audible noise and vibration further improving efficiency targeting applications such as desktop and notebook PCs, refrigerator and other white good products, ceiling and consumer fans and industrial fans and blowers. In the automotive sector Allegro has a series of AEC-Q100 qualified fan driver ICs targeted at seat cooling fans, LED headlamp fans, and battery cooling fan applications.


  • Self commutating six-step / trapezoidal state machine with Hall sensor inputs
  • Sensorless and sinusoidal commutation
  • Back EMF sensing capability
  • Automotive grade ICs with diagnostics and robust protection features



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