Sanken Discretes

Sanken Group develops and markets a variety of discrete components to customers around the world. Sanken’s Audio Amplifier Power Transistors are used by many audio equipment makers for their excellent sound quality, reliability and other benefits. Sanken introduced the world’s first  Darlington Transistors and MOSFETs with a built-in temperature compensator.  Sanken’s unique process technologies allow IGBTs to realize both fast operations and low saturation voltages in smaller packages.

Sanken makes a wide range of diodes, including High Speed Rectifier Diodes and Schottky Barrier Diode.   Sanken’s discrete devices are used in a wide range of switching power supplies for home appliance, audio-visual equipment, automotives electronics, mobile phones, and laptop computers. Sanken’s discrete devices are also used in new Green Markets, such as its high-current bypass diodes for solar panels.


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