3D Magnetic Position Sensors

Combining our extensive expertise in planar and vertical Hall technologies, Allegro 3DMAG™ position sensors are robust, high-performing, true 3D magnetic sensing solutions. They enable a wide range of contactless motion detection and work with virtually any moving magnet system, simplifying magnetic design and system integration.   

 Allegro  3DMAGSensors Offer:

  • Unparalleled Design Flexibility: Thanks to their wide range, you can place 3DMAG sensors where it’s mechanically convenient and pick the axes of interest to sense the motion that needs to be measured. 
  • Simplified Use and Programming: With a variety of output protocols, ranging from simple analog outputs to high integrity digital interfaces, 3DMAG sensors can sense rotary or linear motion. They can operate at high fields without saturating, eliminate on-chip concentrators, and be programmed directly through multiple interfaces. 
  • Improved Safety: 3DMAG sensors deliver the measurement accuracy and performance needed to meet the stringent requirements of safety-critical automotive applications. Superior accuracy and on-chip diagnostics help improve driver, passenger, and public safety for autonomous and driver-assisted vehicles.

With unparalleled design flexibility for automotive, industrial, and consumer applications, 3DMAG sensors have all angles covered.

3D Magnetic Position Sensor ICs Selection Guide

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