Motor Drivers

Drive Innovation with Safe, Robust and Reliable Motor Drive Solutions

Allegro motor drivers offer industry-leading robustness and safety, thriving in harsh, high voltage environments where competing parts fail.

But while our drivers are tough, they're also quiet. We are experts in helping our customers make their motors run more quietly, efficiently and reliably in automotive, industrial and consumer applications. And thanks to our decades of experience in motor control, we have developed embedded motion control algorithms that simplify designs while improving your motor performance and time to market.

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Brushless DC Drivers

Covering a wide range of power systems, our integrated MOSFET and Gate Driver ICs thrive in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications, ranging from 3.5V to 100V operating voltage.

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Brush DC Drivers

We offer a broad portfolio of safe and robust brush DC and stepper motor solutions. With both integrated and MOSFET gate drives, our product lines are ideal for low- and high-power applications alike.

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Isolated Gate Drivers

Highly innovative isolation boundary enables leading market leading electrical efficiency and up to 50% smaller than competitive solutions.

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Stepper Motor Drivers

We offer a complete lineup of safe and robust stepper motor drivers for office automation, industrial, and automotive applications.

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