Industrial Applications

We can sense it. We can move it. Our complete portfolio of highly efficient products enables intelligent motion in your industrial applications.

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Personal Mobility

You're working with a smaller space in a more demanding environment—you need small form factor, robust solutions that don't break the bank. Check out our fully integrated ICs for safe, reliable solutions.

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Robotic articulating arms working in a factory

Building and Factory

Building and factory operations need to be both safe and efficient, from the rolling garage doors to the textile machines to the security systems.

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motor control

Industrial Motor Control

Did you know that we co-create devices for industrial motor control with the leading manufacturers of variable frequency drives? We've passed their intense stress tests—you can count on us, too.

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person using a power saw

Garden and Power Tools

Consumers want smart, energy efficient power tools that are portable, ergonomic and quiet. Our power and sensing solutions give you the right tools for this job.

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