Design and Development

We know you need to be productive with your time and resources, which is why we have design tools to assist you in the development process. Don't see what you’re looking for? Explore our Software Portal

Design Tools

Busbar Calculator

Calculate the coupling factor of a busbar and 37612 or 37610 current sensor using a 3D magnetic model.


Core Design

Optimize core design with respect to volume or accuracy and compute the magnetic field and coupling factor.


Coreless PCB Calculator

Generate circuit board layouts and dimensions for your coreless current sensors.


Current Sensor Error and Resolution

Calculate current sensor output error and resolution for arbitrary application parameters.


Simulation and Modeling

Busbar Field Simulation

Simulate magnetic-field-induced DC or AC flowing busbar with notch or slit design.


Moving Magnet Simulation

Simulate 3D magnetic fields for linear motion of bar magnets.


Linear Stroke

Calculate magnetic field and output angle for linear stroke applications for arbitrary applications.