Sensorless BLDC Pump Driver With Ultra-Fast Start-Up For Fuel Delivery Systems



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With a rapidly growing international two-wheeler market, efficiency requirements have made electronic BLDC fuel pumps more attractive for their reliability and efficiency. To work effectively with a kick start system, fuel delivery systems must be able to provide fuel to motor quickly. The A89303 is a three-phase motor driver that uses a sensorless algorithm which results in start-up to full speed in 50ms, making kick-starters easier for users to operate.

Integrated high power output stage keeps thermal dissipation low even for larger pumps and will be able to support the majority of two-wheeler supplier requirements. Sensorless operation saves on the cost of external halls reducing overall system cost. Allegro’s digital algorithm and EEPROM parameter setting provides flexibility and reduces design cycle time.

  • Fast start up features enable easier kick-start
  • Internal logic regulator ensures low EMI
  • Sensorless drive lowers motor BOM
  • Digital algorithm and EEPROM parameter settings provide flexibility and reduces design time
  • Small QFN packaging offers smallest system footprint

20L eTSSOP LP Package

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32L 5x5 QFN ET Package

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