APS11200: High-Temperature Precision Hall-Effect Switch


The APS11200 is a three-wire, planar Hall-effect sensor integrated circuit (IC). This device was developed in accordance with ISO 26262:2011.

This Hall-effect switch IC features extended AEC-Q100 qualification and is ideal for high-temperature operation up to 175°C junction temperatures. In addition, the APS11200 includes a number of features designed specifically to maximize system robustness such as reverse-battery protection, output current limiter, overvoltage, and EMC protection.

The single silicon chip includes: a voltage regulator, a Hall plate, small signal amplifier, chopper stabilization, Schmitt trigger, and a short-circuit-protected open-drain output. A south pole of sufficient strength turns the output on. Removal of the magnetic field—or a north pole—turns the output off. The devices include on-board transient protection for all pins, permitting operation directly from a vehicle battery or regulator with supply voltages from 2.8 to 24 V.

Two package styles provide a choice of through-hole or surface mounting. Package type LH is a modified SOT23W, surfacemount package, while UA is a three-lead ultra-mini SIP for through-hole mounting. Both packages are lead (Pb) free and RoHs compliant with 100% matte-tin leadframe plating.

ASIL LogoAPS11200 was developed in accordance with ISO 26262:2011 as a hardware safety element out of context with ASIL A capability (pending confirmation) for use in automotive safety-related systems when integrated and used in the manner prescribed in the applicable safety manual and datasheet. For further information, contact your local Allegro field applications engineer or sales representative.

Top Features

  • Unipolar switchpoints
  • Automotive-grade ruggedness and fault tolerance
    • Extended AEC-Q100 qualification
    • Reverse-battery and 40 V load dump protection
    • Operation from –40°C to 175°C junction temperature
    • High EMC immunity, ±12 kV HBM ESD
    • Output short-circuit and overvoltage protection
    • Superior temperature stability
    • Resistant to physical stress
  • Operation from unregulated supplies, 2.8 to 24 V
  • Chopper stabilization
  • Solid-state reliability
  • Industry-standard packages and pinouts

Part Number Specifications and Availability

Part Number Package Type Temperature RoHS
Part Composition /
RoHS Data
Comments Samples Check Stock
APS11200LLHALT 3-lead SOT -40°C to 150°C Yes View Data Contact your
local sales rep
Distributor Stock
APS11200LLHALX 3-lead SOT -40°C to 150°C Yes View Data Contact your
local sales rep
Distributor Stock
APS11200LUAA 3-lead SIP -40°C to 150°C Yes View Data Contact your
local sales rep
Distributor Stock

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