Detection and Ranging

During automated driving the detection and ranging systems must confidently be detecting objects and people so the vehicle can react to these and avoid collisions. The Allegro Photonics team is currently developing lidar system solutions for the most advanced autonomous vehicles of tomorrow. Regardless of the type of detection and ranging system, it is imperative that the sensors and the computer remain operational throughout all conditions.  It is with that goal in mind that Allegro MicroSystems offers a reliable solution for maintaining operation of the critical components in the vehicle.

The solution starts with assuring power regulation is consistent and within the required limits for both the sensors and the computer. The Allegro buck and boost regulators shown below are automotive certified to operate over wide fluctuations in the input voltage and temperature and still maintain very tight regulation.  This is accomplished at very high efficiency to minimize heat generation, and they exhibit very low quiescent current to avoid draining the battery when the vehicle is off.

Consistent operation is essential in every weather condition.  To accomplish that in winter conditions, the sensor needs to be free of snow and ice. The Allegro half bridge driver will provide the power needed to melt away any precipitation that accumulates on the sensor.  Although the sensor may need to be heated, the opposite is true for the computer.  The Allegro fan drivers will provide reliable operation of the fan that will eliminate any unwanted heat to assure the system from overheating.

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Radar Application Diagram for ADAS