Factory Automation

Did you know there can be over 16,000 angle sensors in one loom? 

Automating manufacturing processes can require a wide variety of IC solutions—including motor drivers, voltage regulators, display drivers and speed, position, torque and current sensors—to power your equipment and enable intelligent motion. And all of these solutions must be extremely safe and robust.

We have you covered. Check out our brushless DC, brush DC and stepper motor driver solutions, DC/DC regulators, LED drivers, and our Hall-based position and current sensors.
Factory Automation Diagram

Featured Products

Allegro EX 12 Package


Automotive-Grade, Galvanically Isolated Current Sensor IC



Ultra Low Iq, Wide Input, 2.4MHz, 1 Amp Synchronous Buck Regulator



Programmable Angle Sensor IC with Analog and PWM Output