Key Terms

Safety Goals
Fundamental safety requirements.
Determined by the customer by fault tree analysis used to generate the FMEDA.

Failure Mode Effect Diagnostic Analysis.
Matrix of failure mode effects for each safety goal Includes diagnostic fault detection and handling effects.

Fault Tree Analysis.
Breakdown of required safety goals to failure modes.
Permits FMEDA matrix to be determined.

Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis.
Basic analysis of the effect of design failure modes.
Not related to safety goals.

Production Part Approval Process.
Provides qualification and manufacturing information.

Application Failure Mode Effect Analysis.
Optional analysis of short and open failure effects at the peripheral circuit connections and any key components.

Safety Manual 
Application note detailing specific safety features and how they can be applied to achieve specific safety goals. Includes techniques to achieve safety goals when specific features are not included in the circuit.

Details the specific functional , mechanical, and parametric requirements of the customer.
For of-the-shelf components the specification is often provided by the supplier and agreed by the customer.
Also included in the PPAP.