High Accuracy 240kHz Programmable Linear Sensor IC with Reverse Battery Protection

ACS70310, ACS70311

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The ACS70310/1 provides the highest accuracy linear Hall-effect sensor IC for core-based current sensing ever offered from Allegro with a sensitivity error of +/-1% and zero-amp output voltage offset of only +/-5mV over a temperature range of 25C to 150C.

It achieves industry leading noise performance while maintaining a 2μs response time and 240 kHz bandwidth. The on-board supply regulator enables the supply pin to survive voltages of ±18 V to protect against reverse battery connection, and the output pin can survive voltages of +16 to -6 V for defense against harsh automotive voltage transients. The sensor is customer programmable to optimize both the sensitivity and offset after assembly into the final system.

The ACS70311 offers all the features of the ACS70310 with the addition of Under Voltage Detection (UVD) as well as Low Voltage Programming which eliminates the need for voltages > Vcc during customer programming. The ACS70311 is backward compatible to the ACS70310, making it a drop-in replacement.It provides industry leading ESD performance, and multiple diagnostic functions such as broken ground detection and programmable clamps, help improve functional safety and reliability in critical automotive applications.

The KT package is available with straight leads, as well as a lead-formed option that enables surface mount assembly. The ACS70311 is also available in a 4-pin SIP (suffix OK) package offering longer and thicker leads compared to the KT package, making it an ideal choice for current sensing modules and applications with high level of mechanical vibration.

  • Ultralow thermal drift
    • Sensitivity ±1%
    • Offset ±5 mV
  • Industry-leading noise performance 
  • Very fast response time (2 μs) with 240kHz bandwidth
  • Industry-leading ESD and EOS performance 
  • Ultralow over/undershoot thanks to patented suppression circuit 
  • 1mm thin KT package 
  • OK package that's highly immune to vibration

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