48V Mild Hybrid Starter Generator​

Starter Generators, including Integrated Starter Generators (ISG), Belt Starter Generators (BSG), and e-motors, are an integral part of the 48V mild-hybrid power architecture, keeping the battery charged and supplying current to the 48V system loads. 

We’ve packed our latest motor drivers with cutting-edge features you need in your starter generator designs, like an 80V operational rating with industry-leading transient performance, safety by design providing the best diagnostic features, and the smallest system footprints. And our angle sensors are designed for high-RPM motors, allowing you to accurately measure motor position for maximum power and torque in your 48V starter generator systems.  

Our comprehensive power and sensing solutions for electrified powertrains improve performance and enable emission reductions – a win for you and the planet. 

iBSG Application Diagram

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