A19250: High Accuracy GMR Wheel Speed Sensor IC


Top Features

The A19250 is a giant magnetoresistance (GMR) integrated circuit (IC) that provides a user-friendly two-wire solution for applications where speed information is required. The small integrated package includes an integrated capacitor and GMR IC in a single overmold design with an additional molded lead-stabilizing bar for robust shipping and ease of assembly.

The GMR-based IC is designed for use in conjunction with front-biased ring magnet encoders. State-of-the-art GMR technology with industry-leading signal processing algorithms accurately switch in response to low-level differential magnetic signals. The high sensitivity of GMR combined with differential sensing offers inherent rejection of interfering common-mode magnetic fields, low jitter, and high pitch accuracy, commonly required in wheel speed sensing applications.

Patented GMR technology allows the same orientation as Hall-effect for a drop-in solution in the application.

Built-in EEPROM scratch memory offers traceability of the device throughout the IC’s production process.

The IC is offered in the UB package, which integrates the IC and a high-temperature ceramic capacitor in a single overmold SIP package for enhanced EMC performance. The 2-pin SIP package is lead (Pb) free, with tin leadframe plating.

For application needing speed and direction sensing, please see the A19350 High Accuracy GMR Wheel Speed and Direction Sensor IC.

  • GMR technology integrates high sensitivity MR (magnetoresistive) sensor elements and high precision BiCMOS circuits on a single silicon integrated circuit, offering high accuracy, low magnetic field operation
  • Integrated capacitor in a single overmolded miniature package provides greater EMC robustness
  • SolidSpeed Digital Architecture™ supports advanced digital processing providing highly accurate edge performance in the presence of extreme system-level disturbances
  • Compatible orientation for Hall replacement
  • Two-wire current source output supporting speed protocol
  • EEPROM offers device traceability throughout the production process

Typical Applications

Part Number Specifications and Availability

Part Number Package Type Temperature RoHS
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RoHS Data
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A19250LUBATN 2-lead SIP -40°C to 150°C Yes View Data Contact your
local sales rep
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